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Methods of payment of bids online penny auctions

Methods of payment of bids online penny auctions


Auction called penny is a very funny and gripping way to purchase leading brands online to pay only portion of their real high price. Bid is raised by one cent at one time, which keeps the ending - a happy winning - a very low price. It sometimes happens that the sale of various commodities, real estate and online auctions of new vehicles is conducted entirely online in the internet by some form of online auction software on your computer.

The majority auctions of this type take credit cards directly or by means of the payment system. Very frequently the entire payment information of card credit must reported to the management of auction called Penny already at the stage of registration. American similar sites most active served by the PayPal Payment system, in Germany - as well SOFORTüberweisung.

The rules of the WebMoney Russian payment systems prohibit using it as payment online bids in a auction called penny. In the concrete, this is understood as a ban servicing of Russian penny auctions. In some Russian penny auction bid can be done through SMS-message from a player mobile phone. To partake in the game is enough to send to the number, indicated on the website, a message showing ID of the lot. On this site no one is required to pass the registration. Having placed his bid through the SMS-message, the player raises cost of the item on the unit established by rules of online auction. Lot picks up by the last player who has made a bid.

The Penny online auction software includes a tools  capable of creating catalogs of pictures and detailed descriptions of various items for sale,  retain tracks of users bids sated by concerned parties of the and accurate timer, which is never wrong, and counting till the end of each and all auction listing. Software includes tools for the payment system of auction called penny. Person bids against the others and the clock on the website. Last bid wins and last bidder paying the very low final price, if no one raises the bid before the timer has reached countdown.








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